Bunker Collection

Specially developed for The Future Perfect, an American gallery, the Bunker Collection features extruded objects inspired by war bunkers. For designer Floris Wubben, the robust and functional architecture of bunkers is one of his abiding memories of the woods and dunes of Zealand. Floris smartly combines various ceramic components to form new objects such as lamps, cabinets, mirrors, totem planters, stools and coffee tables. In the case of a number of objects, he adds an extra material, such as glass (Ceramic Mirror) or wood (Bunker Cabinet), to contrast with the robust ceramics.

Bunker Totem
Stoneware with glaze
H 1250 x D 600 mm

Bunker Cabinet
Ash wood and stoneware with resin coating
L 2000 x D 500 x H 2000 mm

Groove Mirror
Stoneware with glaze
D 900 mm 

Bunker Side Table
Stoneware with glaze
L 400 x W 400 x H 500 m

Bunker Table Lamp
Stoneware with glaze
L 300 x W 300 x H 550 mm

Defence Table
Stoneware with yellow/black glaze
D 850 x H 350 mm

Arrow Table
Stoneware with glaze
800 L x 850 W x 450 H mm

Bunker Stool
Stoneware with glaze
L 850 x W 450 x H 550 mm