Diverge Collection

The new collection of Floris Wubben starts off in unknown territory where he pushes his own boundaries in the creation process. Deviating from the dominant mechanical outcomes of his other pressed collections in this one Floris works more with the extruded elements themselves, pushing the limits of what can be done with them. In the process a contradictory marriage is generated between the mechanical and the organic, creating a beautiful fusion where the feeling of the unknown is then echoed in the outcome.

Portal Mirror
Stoneware resin
2000 x 1000 mm

Arch Mirror
Stoneware resin
2000 x 700 mm

Square Vase
Stoneware with glaze
210 x Ø 170 mm

Wave Table
Resin coated stoneware
760 x Ø 1290 mm

Tulip Lamp
Stoneware glaze
1250 x Ø 65 mm