Collar Collection

The collection was inspired by the 16th-century white millstone collar, a metres-long linen collar that expressed the status of the wearer. This typical Dutch item of attire was popular among both men and women and was very expensive because of the lengthy production process involved. With these furniture pieces, Studio Floris Wubben went as far as one possibly could with the production of ceramic objects. Like in the Collar Table, a monumental 800-kilo table, expressing these ideas of status and wealth through labour intensive production.

Collar Table
Resin coated stoneware
L3000 x W1100 x  H750 mm

Cactus table
Resin coated stoneware
440 x Ø 340 mm

Twist table
Resin coated stoneware
750 x Ø 1250 mm

Collar table
420 x Ø 400 mm

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